Our extraction site


Our extraction site is located in the Kepez area, located 20 kilometers north of Antalya, only a few places from the Karaine site where the homoérctus skullcap, the oldest discovered to date, originates. Our site covers 175 hectares and has nearly 2 million exploitable M3.

In the northwest, at the junction of Gediz Graden and Buyuk menderes to Kepez, important layers of travertine dating from 828,000 to 1,110,000 years ago have been formed. These formations are parallel to the thermal waters of the North and the buses waters of the South.

This geological conjunction gives these materials a sedimentary anteriority of about 400,000 years, as well as a density, homogeneity and exemplary mechanical strength for this type of products. Our travertine provides shaping with optimal possibilities for high-end achievements.

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